February 20, 2012

The Headless Ghost, Goosebumps No.37

Last night I finished reading my first Goosebumps book to my oldest son, and let's just say it wasn't what I was expecting!  I was surprised by the depth of vocabulary and complexity of the dialogue between the characters.  Also, I was pretty darned surprised that there really was a ghost in there!
R.L. Stine obviously has a winning formula, judging by the number of books in the series, not to mention the commercials I see for the latest editions and the accompanying TV show.  The chapters are succinct and almost every one ends on a cliffhanger - every night we read, I concluded one page into the next chapter so that my boy would go to sleep!

For a simple premise, the book did a great job of transporting both my son and I to new creepy places and making us question what was coming next.  Yes, the next Goosebumps book is already on reserve at the library!

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