March 26, 2012

Addicted: Louie C.K.

Great comedians teach you so much about great writing. Louie C.K., Jeff Dunham, and Daniel Tosh are my favorites these days. No, a couple of those aren't very clean acts. And the other one's downright nasty. But their writing is phenomenal.

Louie C.K. turns out a brand new act every year, as well as his T.V. show Louie, and all the other funny sh*t he says in all the interviews he gives. He's prolific, and the quality of his work is really amazing. I aspire to that.

If you haven't checked out his latest act, it's available to download on his website for a super reasonable $5, which comes out to about 25cents per viewing (yeah I'm a big fan).

Here's Louie C.K. on mortality as a theme in his comedy:

It's kind of like being on a bus to Pittsburgh and I say, "I wonder what time we're going to get to Pittsburgh?" And everyone's like, "What? Why are you talking about Pittsburgh?" Well, it says it on the f---ing tickets and on the front of the bus. That's where we're going. Aren't you interested that we're all headed there?

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