March 17, 2012

Introducing . . . THE SIGHT!

Last September I had an idea for a character cross my mind--a girl dealing with all the crap that happens in high school who's also discovering that she's psychic.  I thought about how freaking difficult high school was to begin with, especially freshman year, and then I thought, it would have really put things into perspective if I'd had bigger problems than boys.  But then I wondered if that would be true.  Regardless, I felt pretty sure that I knew how I'd start that book if I were the one writing it.  And so I wrote it.

Now I'm learning about the publishing industry, gathering feedback, and preparing to let this girl out into the world.  I've found that writing a novel is only the first step.  There will be many more before Katie finds her way into other reader's hearts.  I'm excited and anxious in equal measures.

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