March 21, 2012

Learning to Write, One Humiliation at a Time

Back in school, my design mentor used to tell me it'd take a backhoe to pull the stick outta my ass. That's right, I've been known to be a little uptight . . . a teeny, tiny bit of a control freak. Well, writing is stripping that freakness off of me layer by layer -- it's the backhoe I've been waiting for all my life. How am I learning humility?

hu·mil·i·ty  (hy-ml-t)  n.
The quality or condition of being humble.

Oh, let me count the ways!
1. Five days after I let my buddy read the MS, when I realize I let someone read the piece of crap MS!
2. Two days after I sent a query letter, only to realize that I HAVE NO BUSINESS sending query letters yet!
3. One minute after my oldest son asks me if I'm going to sell this book for money, and if so I should ask "one hundred dollars."
4. Thirty seconds after I mistake one contest I entered for another, and say it to the contest runners!!

On that last note: I won something! Check out Y(A)? Cuz We Write! 

 I mistook their email for another freaking email I've been waiting on, and in my excitement, totally earned my dose of humility for today. But the best part is, Pam and Quita gave away query letter feedback with their agents, the absolute rockin-est prize in the universe! Follow them on twitter for a chance at their next contest.

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