May 21, 2012

Addicted: Sherlock

If you haven't seen the PBS series Sherlock, you're missing out. The stories are familiar yet modern reinventions of the classic detective tales. The acting is top notch. The sets and costumes are unobtrusive. The graphics can be a bit goofy, but they have that BBC charm.

One of the recent episodes, A Scandal in Belgravia, offered up the most incredible female nemesis I have seen in some time. The casting was spot-on and the writing crisp, seductive, and full of tiny little mysteries. If you're crafting a villain, this is a great bit of TV to watch. The Woman is a character you love and hate. You come to understand her completely while continuing to doubt her motivations. She is a real villain.

This season's episodes of Sherlock can be found on PBS for a limited tim, and the first season is out on DVD. Masterpiece is rocking my socks off these days!


  1. Absolutely love 'Sherlock' over here! She was a fantastic villain...always a bit more interesting when the hero is obsessed with his enemy!

    1. I loved their interplay! When he said, "I took your pulse" I screamed!

  2. I just started this series after missing it on TV the first time around. I have the series 2 eps recorded on my TV for when I'm caught up with the last 2 from series 1. I love how this is more like a miniseries with three mini-movies.

    Also, the actor who plays Sherlock has the best name: Benedict Cumberbatch. It's delightful to say!

  3. Did you recognize him from his previous work? He's a redhead naturally--plays quite a despicable character in Atonement, and was also in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. All good work with odd characters. He really captures that element of strangeness that is essential for Sherlock.

    Also, Martin Freeman is a delight as usual. Such great chemistry between the two!

  4. Love, love this series. And I'm not sure which actor I like more. I might have to pick Martin Freeman just because he's so damn lovable.


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