June 03, 2012

The Most Beautiful Thing, Fiona Robyn

The Most Beautiful ThingThe Most Beautiful Thing by Fiona Robyn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's rare that a novel makes me truly care about a character. Fiona Robyn accomplishes that feat in The Most Beautiful Thing with the telling of Joe's story. Joe's family is dysfunctional. His mind is a maze. His feelings are confounding. His life, a mess. Following his journey from age fourteen to twenty-nine was a wonderful, voyeuristic ride that left me tearful and hopeful for his future--and completely invested in it. There is much to learn from Ms. Robyn on the art of character building.

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  1. I missed this review when you published it; I also bought this, after seeing it on SheWrites, and have yet to read it. I'll move it up my list...


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