March 26, 2013

Twitter Roundup: Qtips

So, I thought I was being super clever when I tagged a bunch of query tips as #Qtips during WriteOnCon last week . . . and then I found out that people actually tweet about using Q-tips. As in, they tweet about jabbing cotton swabs into their ears, people! Therefore I apologize for using such a disgusting hashtag, and give you a round-up of the tips I tweeted below:


  1. Love 'em! Q-tips and all.

  2. Fabulous "Qtips"! I've learned some of things already. Others, I know intellectually but, ahem, application is lacking?

    Going to rewrite my query now why this is all fresh in my mind. Thanks for all your awesomeness and the way you share it!

    1. Thanks for such a sweet comment! See you around the TwitWits, Kim :)


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