July 07, 2013

Click to Subscribe, by L.M. Augustine

You know that moment, when one of your friends announces they've self-published a book, and you're basically terrified that you will read said book and, well, dislike it? Perhaps even think it's terrible? Yeah, that moment is no fun. Because we want our friends to succeed. We want them to write great books. We want to LOVE their books.

Well, my friend wrote a book. It's a YA romance. And I loved it. YAY!

Click to SubscribeClick to Subscribe by L.M. Augustine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Click to Subscribe has all the components of a devourable read: witty dialogue, raw emotion, and a quick pace. I found myself reading at a whip-fast pace, only to stop and re-read sections of the story because they struck so true that I wanted to enjoy them all over again.

West is a guy we want to cheer for from the very first page. As male POV characters go, he is one of the more well-rounded and sensitive young men I've seen in a YA story. West has feelings. He thinks about them. He acts on them. And this reader cared very much about what would happen to him in the end.

Is West meant to be with Cat, his life-long best friend, and the only real support he has left in his life? Or will shifting their platonic relationship result in romantic disaster? These are the questions many of us have face in our lives. These decisions are never easy, and this story shows every nuance of such a dilemma with great sensitivity and sparkling wit--believe me, there's dialogue here you do not want to miss.

If you're looking for a read that will fly by and leave you smiling (and perhaps with a hankering for chocolate cake), this book is for you.

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