January 08, 2014

Beta Reading Makes Good Writers!

I babbled on about beta readers on Twitter today, and decided to put it all here for easy reference:


  1. I agree. I've learned a lot by reviewing other people's books, and the feedback people gave me on my novel helped me become a better writer. It's a win-win situation! You could add SCBWI to your list of resources. I'm a member since 2009, but I haven't really participated in the forums yet. Haha!! Too busy with my critique group. But this year I might get more involved. I know there is a forum where people can find critique partners. And there is also WriteOnCon.

    1. Thanks, Annie! Those are fabulous additions to the list. I met a lot of great friends at WriteOnCon. Plus, it's a great opportunity for writers who can't travel to a writing conference! :)

  2. So true that you learn a lot from being a beta reader and you can learn to be a good one.


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