March 05, 2014

Shameless Addictions: February Edition

In case you don't have enough things sucking time away from your life, I thought I'd share my latest fixations so that you can join in, too.

Vikings is back. It's on Thursday nights on the History channel. You have never seen the Norse culture/mythology like THIS.

I've hated zombies all my life. Seriously, NIGHT OF THE COMET scarred me. But I can't get enough of this show! What really reels you in is the humanity. Settings may change, but people don't.

I purchased this book at my youngest son's book fair, and I've read it approximately 20 times since. IT IS SPECTACULAR.

And finally, I'm obsessed with this cover of We Can't Stop. It's so incredible. Treat yourself to all of the covers by this group. Warning: there's a clown in the cover of Lorde's song.

What are you obsessed with lately? Time to fess up and spread the love!


  1. No obsessions (right now), but it's fun reading about yours!

  2. Too many to mention! Yet still looking for new ones... Thanks for sharing.


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