April 28, 2014

An Illustrated Guide to #MyWritingProcess

Thanks to the lovely Miss Louise Galveston (whose hilarious gross-out book BY THE GRACE OF TODD is not to be missed), I doodled something for you guys. Here's my writing process, in one complicated, annotated, illustrated nutshell:

As you can see, a lot goes on inside my head. If you'd like to read more about my process (which I love to gab about), check out these posts on outlining and revision. You can also find a TON of awesome writing posts from other authors on Le Twitter, under the hashtag #MyWritingProcess.

Right now, I'm working on revisions for my debut novel, Counting Thyme, as well as drafting my second MG book and a YA contemporary about a boy who believes love is a delusion. I'm drawn to all kinds of stories (especially fantasy, which I grew up reading!), but contemporary characters (and families) are the ones who give me all the feels. There's nothing quite like entering another person's world. Which, come to think of it, is I why I both read and write. Books are the bomb!

Now, let me introduce you to three fellow writers, who are each so awesome, it's barely acceptable to tag them all in the same post. They'll share their process next Monday, May 5th!

There are some books you covet so much you can taste it. That's how I feel about Becky. I mean, her book. No, seriously. SIMON sounds like exactly the kind of endearing, unapologetically intelligent story that I love to read!

Becky Albertalli is a child psychologist turned YA writer who lives in the not cool part of Atlanta with her husband, son, dog, and cat. Her debut, SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA, will be released in March of 2015 by Balzer + Bray/HarperCollins. Becky is represented by Brooks Sherman of The Bent Agency. Blog | GoodReads | Twitter

When it comes to heart and family, my good friend Ronni Arno is matchless, so I can't wait to read her MG debut about a girl who hides her family's celebrity status from her friends at boarding school.

Ronni’s debut novel, RENEE REINVENTED, publishes with Simon & Schuster/Aladdin in Fall 2015. Ronni stalks her kids and their friends for story ideas, kayaks, and eats chocolate…not usually at the same time. Ronni is rep'd by Sarah Davies of The Greenhouse Literary Agency. Blog | GoodReads | Twitter

When I read MY 7TH GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS, I couldn't believe how freaking funny it was--laugh out loud lines on every page! I may have wanted to smack Brooks (just a little), but really, I'm very happy for him (ie: unreasonably jealous).

Brooks Benjamin is a MG writer, filmmaker, teacher, husband, SCBWI member, and father to a 75-pound demented German Shepherd mix named LeeLoo. Represented by the fantabulous Uwe Stender of TriadaUS Literary. Blog | GoodReads | Twitter


  1. This is SO great, Melanie! Love the doodle! I'm going to have to check out your post on outlining, as I'm getting ready to start a new project and I'm trying to train myself to outline. Also, Brook's book sounds right up my alley.
    Good luck with revisions!

    1. Thanks, Louise! I've really enjoyed reading about everyone's process, and YES--outlines are the key to revision!

  2. Great illustrations! I see a graphic novel in your future. :)

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  4. That doodle! LOVE. And so fun to learn more about these authors. I'm personally dying to read MY SEVENTH GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS, but they all sound fabulous. So many good books out there! :)

  5. That doodle! LOVE. And so fun to learn more about these authors. I'm personally dying to read MY SEVENTH GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS, but they all sound fabulous. So many good books out there! :)


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