July 18, 2014

Need a Little Inspiration?

I'm a visual person. I doodle on everything, and I get lost in pictures. I also get lost when I drive somewhere at night because the journey looks so different than in the daytime. My kids will tell you within five minutes of riding in our car that "Mommy gets lost a lot."

But you know what? Sometimes getting lost is exactly what you need to find your way.

Here are some of the places I go to lose myself on purpose.

Nasa satellite pictures! You can visit any place on earth by going to their website. And the images are rights free!

The streets. Whether you live in the city or the country, LOOK as you go.
The human imagination is all around you.

The news. I collect interesting links in a folder by "printing" the articles to PDFs.
When in need of inspiration, I browse!

The garden. If you don't have a nice outdoor space, borrow someone else's. Pull weeds. Tidy things up. Gardening for even a short amount of time clears the mind, and the plants fill you with color and form.

Memories. It's easy to think we remember, but a quick look through old photos will being details to life in vibrant, heart-squeezing emotion. (This is my Mom, sister, and me, with one of many stylish snowmen from my childhood)

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