December 12, 2014

Short Story (in Pictures): Tis' the Season of Giving

Whenever I indulge in that ever-recurring fantasy about winning the lottery, the first thing I imagine is giving money to other people. Being as thorough as I am, I have even planned the order and corresponding amounts of cash that I would gift upon the world. The good news is, I would like to give money to everyone. The bad news is, I haven't won the lottery, which is largely due to the fact that I don't play the lottery. Thus, the self-indulgent fantasy.

So, in lieu of cold, hard (why isn't it soft? isn't money soft?) cash, I give you a series of weird yet inspirational images that have made me think this year. These are the kind of things I collect in a folder called FODDER. My husband sends me a lot of these weird things. I like to call him the FODDERER, because if there's one thing we love in our house, it's making stuff up. Even words.

I love this statement. I love this old building. It reminds me of long gravel roads in NC with surprises hidden in the cornfields.
Marie Curie's Notebook. YES. YES, THAT'S REALLY IT. Try not to drool on your screen too much. (And yes I tried to read it all.)
Kids inside of a geodesic dome made out of rolled newspaper, because that is beyond cool, and I'd like to give that teacher a high five.
This is a Chrysopelea snake. It flies through the air. That is amazing.
In Denmark, they set up cafe tables on the ice in winter. (!!!)
Finally, a reminder that there are always more stories waiting to be told.


  1. Thanks for sharing some of your fodder. You have some fun stuff, although that snake is kind of creepy to me.

    1. I agree! That snake is so creepy it's mesmerizing. :)


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