March 14, 2012

Short Story: The Trouble with Best Friends

I was never very good at keeping friends. Neighborhood friends, camp friends, best friends -- when I managed to get one, I'd soon mess it up. I was really good at misunderstanding everything. And somehow, the expectations that seemed crystal clear to everyone else flew right over my head.

At one point in 3rd grade, I was dawdling around in the outfield "playing" tee-ball, and my sole two friends came running up to me.

"Am I your best friend?" They both asked. I nodded. Was this a trick question?

"Well, who's your BEST-best friend?" Demanded the more demanding girl.

Clueless, I said I didn't know how to pick. So they both stomped off in a huff. By the end of the day, they were best-best friends, and I was flying solo again. I'd like to say it gets easier, but even now friends take work. Luckily, the right ones are worth it.

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