August 28, 2012

Short Story: My Fabulous and Not-So-Fabulous Moments

Thanks to two great blogger friends, I'm going to share some more stuff about me today! Who's excited? Yeah! Eva Rieder and Cheryl Fassett, this is all your fault. You were each kind enough to award me the Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award, and thank you so much for that. I'll be back another day to nominate a few of you to share your fabulousity! Happy summer everyone.

Five Fab Moments in My Life:
  • The day my boyfriend knelt down in his sweaty gym clothes with no ring and asked me to marry him.
  • The first time my son wrote me a letter and left it on the kitchen counter for me to find.
  • The first time my younger son took a nap next to me (the older one could never be bothered to).
  • The day I got my first full request, which gave me the tiniest of reassurances that I might not be wasting my time with this writing thing.
  • I'm reserving the last fab moment for tomorrow . . . because I believe that tomorrows are the most wonderful thing we have to look forward to.

Five Things I Love:
  • Croissants. There can never be enough of them.
  • Sunny mornings, the kind that make me want to skip a shower and breakfast and just write.
  • Hearing the doggie charm I wear on my necklace clink as I move around the house.
  • Cooking with my husband.
  • Tucking the kids in and sitting in the quiet of a happy, sleepy house.

Five Things I Hate:
  • Discrimination. You won't hear me preach about my own beliefs here, but I believe in equality. Period.
  • Living far from my family. I miss them.
  • Lying awake at night thinking about a plot line when I should be sleeping. Really, this is not a good thing.
  • Doubt. I detest that squirmy, hot feeling that builds in my stomach when I'm not certain of the path I should take.
  • Jersey left turns. If you don't live in Jersey, you may not know what I mean, but a Jersey Left is pure evil. 


  1. Such a pleasure to get to know you more.
    Thank you for sharing :)

  2. These are some great bits about you. I'll be waiting to see what the last fab moment is tomorrow :)

    1. Today I arrived at home after weeks away, and it feels WONDERFUL. Tomorrow . . . who knows?

  3. Loved your answers!

  4. I so enjoy learning more about fellow writers. Thanks for sharing.


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