September 15, 2014

It's International Dot Day!

Today is International Dot Day! Inspired by Peter H. Reynold's classic children's book, THE DOT, this is a day to make your mark on the world. I had the good fortune to meet Peter at BEA this year, and he really is an ambassador of creativity. My boys positively lit up when I gave them Peter's bookmaking kit after the show.

Now, today, I get to reveal my very own Celebri-Dot! As a designer first and an author second, the art of mark-making still captures my heart. Whenever I begin a new drawing, I always warm up by making a series of marks--ellipses, from 10 degree to 90, which is a full circle--and there is nothing like the feel of my pen cutting into the paper.

About my dot: in creative pursuits, it can often feel like you're stabbing in the dark, again and again, and it's not until you step back that you can see you have made your mark. That's what I've tried to capture here, with a take on pointillism, which is a technique I frequently employ in my illustrations.

Without further ado, here it is, my mark on the world!


  1. I like your dot! Or rather, your cluster of dots. And visiting your Celebri-Dot page, I found out you live with two small maniacs. Haha!! That made me laugh!

    1. It's a very meta dot, eh? And who doesn't enjoy living with two small maniacs! *eats chocolate*


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