October 05, 2014

Short Story: 777 Challenge!

I don't usually participate in blog hops, especially of works in progress, because, well, IN PROGRESS! But I guess I'm feeling super share-y today, so I'm hopping on the 777 challenge thanks to Ashley Herring Blake, a fellow Sweet Sixteener.

What's the 777 Challenge?

You get to read the first full 7 lines on the 7th page, starting 7 lines down, of my WIP, which is a contemporary middle grade story about a girl named Sky, whose musical family sends her to deaf camp after she suffers hearing loss due to an illness. There are tent mates and horses, a villainous camp counselor and an enormous inflatable Blob...

Without further blabbery, here it is, a sneak preview of THE SOUND OF BRAVE:

When I opened my eyes, there was a shadow across the envelope.

The purple cabin leader was standing next to my bed.

I sat up, and her hands started flailing rapid-fire, touching her cheek and chin, swirling around in front of her body. Rock Island was an immersion camp. Which meant all sign language, all the time, no exceptions. In theory, the cabin leader’s finger flails were supposed to magically mean something to me, even though I'd never studied sign language a single day in my life. Well, I had news for her. She could flail all she wanted. I wasn't going anywhere.

I can't wait for you all to meet Sky in the near future! Here are the seven writers I'm tagging. Happy sharing, and happy writing all! :)

Colten Hibbs
Jeff Chen
Paul Adams
Brian Sargent
Rebecca Sutton
John Hansen
Ella Schwartz 

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